Diversity Rules Magazine Returns to Print

Print Edition Debuts March 2013


Beginning with the March 2013 issue, Diversity Rules Magazine, New York’s Premier Alternative Publication, will return to print on a limited, subscription only basis.

Diversity Rules Magazine was conceived in 2006 by James R. Koury, a local queer activist, who felt the area needed an outlet for the local LGBTQ community to express itself and to have a publication to let those dealing with their sexuality in the confines of their closets, know that they were not alone in their personal struggle to become who they were born to be.

Due to the bad economy of 2009, Diversity Rules ceased publication and went on hiatus. In March 2011, it returned as a digital publication, proudly serving the queer community not only in the Oneonta region, but literally around the world.

The debut print version of Diversity Rules Magazine will feature Luke Lalor. Luke Lalor came to Germany from Australia a decade ago, and has established himself as an entrepreneur in Berlin.

He has years of experience working in the photo industry along with prominent names within the field. Recently he has combined his professional work with his personal passion for fetish, and developed Grown Up Networks and the MAXIMUS platform. MAXIMUS is the world’s first network for professional gay fetish photography. More information about Lalor and MAXIMUS can be found at www.maximusmaximus.com.

Editor James Koury states that “he is excited to be able to offer a print edition of Diversity Rules Magazine once again, on a subscription only basis.” Koury states that “his vision and passion for the publication has never waned and he always kept sight on the goal of returning and have Diversity Rules regain its pre-eminence as New York’s premier alternative publication.”

Subscription and other information about the magazine and its return can be found at www.diversityrulesmagazine.com or via the Diversity Rules Magazine blog at: www.diversityrulesmagazine.blogspot.com.

Questions regarding the magazine can be directed to James R. Koury, at 607.432.1179 or via e-mail at editor@diversityrulesmagazine.com

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