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Ryan_Cassatta_JD_DelgadoDiversity Rules Magazine welcomes Ryan Cassata as its September feature interview.  Ryan is a singer-songwriter & transgender motivational speaker who – all by age 21 – successfully cut 9 records, toured the States nationally, performed at some of the world’s biggest Pride Festivals, won Bay Shore High School’s first-ever Harvey Milk Memorial Award, became the youngest keynote speaker for the largest transgender conference in existence, appeared on TV several times, wrote two movie soundtracks, played on the Van’s Warped Tour and starred in and toured with internationally screening documentary “Songs For Alexis.”  

The Long Island-native who is now based in San Francisco, can play many instruments but is most frequently seen performing foot-stomping folk rock with a vocal mic, a harmonica slung around his neck and his beloved Ovation guitar. As a one man show, Cassata never leaves an audience bored.

Ryan Cassata writes very passionate lyrics. His words are positive and inspirational to every generation. Cassata hopes to continue living the dream of spreading this positivity across the country and around the world with efforts to make people smile and catch on to kindness. 

Ryan Cassata is doing much more than the average young folk-singer. He demands peace, he demands love, and…he demands REVOLUTION. 

Ryan Cassata also recently turned down an offer to appear on AMERICAN IDOL. Ryan explains why in the September issue.  He will also give us his perspective on other important topics impacting the transgender community. 

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