Coming Up in March 

Luke418f3cLuke Lalor came to Germany from Australia a decade ago, and has established himself as an entrepreneur in Berlin.

He has years of experience working in the photo industry along with prominent names within this field. Recently he has combined his professional work with his personal passion for fetish, and developed  Grown Up Networks and the MAXIMUS platform, where work and play can meet. He wishes to explore the market for professional gay fetish photography and raise the bar much higher, “MAXIMUS is the the intersection of 10 years as a photographers agent and a real personal passion […] for fetish.”

MAXIMUS is the world’s first network for professional gay fetish photography. Despite there being a large number of men interested in this many are not sure who or where to turn to in order to get a classy and artistic result. MAXIMUS wishes to raise the standard of fetish photography and make it accessible for anyone to engage with this type photography in a safe, fun and professional way. The main objective of MAXIMUS is to amplify this trend and give gay men with a passion for fetish a sense of pride in how they are seen.

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  1. MAXIMUS has changed my life. The member photographers celebrate gay men who weren't recognized by other photography groups. Gay fetish images have such an positive impact on gay men who live the fetish lifestyle. Mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks, Luke, for bringing these talented men together so that other gay fetish men can support and thrive within this environment of acceptance and celebration.

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