August Feature: Keisha Dixon (a.k.a. The Tapping Queen)

Keisha Dixon, The Tapping Queen is the author of 100’s of EFT (tapping scripts), a transformational wealth and intentional living strategist, and commonly refers to herself as a worthiness detective. With Tapping Into Wealth and John Maxwell Coaching Certifications, Keisha guides others to experience healing, freedom, and transformation to the most extraordinary version of themselves.

JRK: Before we get into the interview can you tell readers about your background, where you are from, and all that good introductory stuff?

KD: I’m originally from the Dutchess County area of New York and moved to Brooklyn at 16, so I claim Brooklyn as my birthright. I am a twin and the oldest of 6 siblings, a mother of 6 whose and this year, at 50, I exited a senior management position in corporate America to pursue my passion and purpose as a transformational wealth coach and EFT “Tapping” Practitioner.

JRK: You are known as “The Tapping Queen.” Can you tell us what “tapping” is all about?

KD: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is commonly referred to as Tapping, is simply put, an acupressure tool, a clinically proven mind-body tool, the only clinically proven mind-body tool that turns off, shuts down and actually deregulates the fight or flight response, which is also called the stress response.

By tapping on acupuncture points, you not only can turn off the fight or flight response at the moment, you can also disconnect it. This is where Tapping is incredible. For example, you could be thinking about a past upsetting or traumatic memory, or you could be worrying about the future, or maybe thinking a thought that you often think over and over, like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘There’s never enough money.’

Those thoughts typically trigger the fight or flight response, with Tapping you can disconnect so that they no longer trigger the fight or flight response, the anxiety, the fear, the panic, the stress.
We’ve all had a friend with self-esteem issues, right? As a friend, you know, that saying to our friend, ‘You should just think positively about yourself. You’re a good person. You should just have confidence’, isn’t going to be effective, because they just aren’t buying it, because the thoughts that have been running through their head about their own value and their own esteem, running through their lives for decades, triggers a full fight or flight response in them: fear, embarrassment, shame, not good enough. Tapping will effectively disconnect that thinking from the person who is experiencing it like it’s real. And when they are no longer experiencing those feelings like it is real, they can start feeling more confident and worthy.

JRK: How did you get started in the tapping phenomenon?

KD: A few years ago, I was in a financial mess, despite earning a six-figure salary. I was facing pre-foreclosure, I had no savings to speak of, my checking account was in the red for over 2k consistently, month after month, and yet, I was generous with other people, paying their bills, helping them out, giving giving giving it all away, while creating tremendous financial drama for myself. Something had to give, so I sought the assistance of a wealth therapist (yes, there is such a thing!), and she asked if I had ever heard of tapping, and directed me to a youtube video. I was hesitant, thinking what is this woo-woo over here?

I tried it anyway, and started by simply tapping on my feelings about my lack of savings….I couldn’t believe the flood of emotion and feelings and memories that came up. And it all stemmed from feelings of not being safe, not feeling safe. Once I realized I was in a constant state of fear and panic whenever I thought about my lack of savings (which was the time), I was able to use tapping to shift from a state of fear to a state of peace, and my money situation started changing. I became a better money manager, came out of crippling debt, built my savings, a healthy dose of confidence and new found power in my communications and relationships. I literally shifted from a doormat to a diva!

That’s when I dove into all things tappings, and connected with my mentor, Margaret M. Lynch, and became a certified tapping into wealth coach, so I can help others do the same.

It is my passion to guide others to authentically and powerfully show up as the unapologetic best version of themselves!

JRK: What would a typical tapping script look like?

KD: A typical tapping script starts with the situations or physical condition concerning you, and you rate how you feel about it on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being highest, and then you express the emotions and feelings as you tap through the tapping points. For example, if you have a really big goal that you want to reach, but there is a part of you, maybe just a small part of you that feels ‘it’s impossible’. The ‘it’s impossible’ piece would be your pressing issue to tap on. You would measure that pressing issue on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being, this feels completely impossible, and then start tapping through the tapping points on your body while stating how you feel. Even if those statements feel outrageous. You can find a diagram of the tapping points right on my website at

Let’s try it, think about one huge goal you have for this month, or the remainder of the year. Really focus in on what you are feeling, the thoughts and beliefs that come up for you, and write down on a scale of 1-10 how true “it’s impossible” feels, with 10 being, Keisha, this really feels impossible. Now, let’s tap through the points:

It’s impossible
There is No way!
No how!
It’s crazy!
It’s too much!
It is way too much
This goal is too big!
How could I even get to that goal?
It’s impossible
And I know it’s impossible
I believe that this is impossible
It’s just way too big
It’s too big for God
It’s too big for the Universe
It’s too big for the Law of Attraction
It’s too big for me
No one has ever made this kind of goal
Well, some people have
But not me!
Not in a million years
It’s impossible
I know this because I can predict the future with accuracy
And I’ve never been wrong about anything
And I always know what’s going to happen
And I’m telling you there’s no way this is possible
There’s no way this will ever come to pass
The intensity of ‘it’s impossible’ should have gone down. If it has actually increased, that’s ok, just means there is more work to do in this area. Keep tapping on the round above until the intensity is somewhere between a 0-3. Now let’s move on to the positive round:
I still don’t believe it’s completely possible
I mean, it seems outrageous
But I’m choosing to be open
To the limitless possibilities found in the universe
To the limitless possibilities beyond what I can currently see
I am somehow having faith
That everything I need to accomplish this goal
Will surprise me by occurring in the right way at the right time
Isn’t it wonderful when resources appear?
Impossible things happen every day
Miracles happen every day
What if I could just open myself up to the possibility
And focus on it with a positive intent
Allowing it to come into my reality
As outrageous as that sounds?
I choose to be outrageous!
I choose to be outrageous!

So now, take a deep breath and notice how much more excitement you are feeling about what’s possible!

JRK: You primarily help women with your tapping technique. Why is this important to them?

KD: I find that my female clients are so conditioned to be caregivers, and to give and give so much of themselves, that they tend to push down their own deepest desires. Tapping is an excellent tool to bring clarity and grounding, and assist them to really come back into their body and their feelings. It also helps to assist them in loving all parts of themselves, including the feelings and thoughts and emotions that seem messy or perhaps inappropriate.

JRK: Can men tap and if so, how would the process be different?

KD: Men can absolutely tap, and the process is the same.

JRK: Can you describe some of your more pronounced tapping successes?

KD: I recently worked with a client who has been an entrepreneur for 10 years now, and her average monthly income was roughly 5K per month. During the process, we tapped to clear some of her “money stories” that certainly felt true. Exactly one week later, the first week of July, she doubled what she had made the entire month of June – 10K. Ten days after our session she earned 50K. She 10x’d her income by working through the money stories and an undercurrent of anxiety and self-doubt. The inner work does the work, and tapping is phenomenal at dissolving limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

Another client success story is a client who was severely abused and traumatized as a child spontaneously hugged herself after a tapping session because she realized on a conscious and subconscious level, for the first time since she was three years old, that she deserved. She deserved love and she most importantly deserved to be loved. Tapping brings tremendous clarity and clears deeper rooted worthiness issues.

A third client (it’s interesting because all three of these clients received these results this month, that’s the power of tapping, this gentle method produces rapid results), has been in an emotionally and physically abusive marriage for several decades. After two sessions she stood up to her husband as he came at her screaming, literally stood up physically, but more importantly, energetically, and told him not to ever ‘come at her’ again. He immediately sat down and did not attack her. As we work through our sessions she is reclaiming her power, and her energy, as she prepares to exit the marriage. Tapping shifts us and as we shift everything around us shifts.

JRK: When you begin to coach someone what are some of the things you look for that will help in the tapping process?

KD: My clients are incredibly smart, and usually gifted at knowing what to say to please others, or to give the ‘right’ answer or the appropriate response. When we start working together, I like to bypass their hyper-vigilant amazing brain and get directly to what their subconscious is actually saying. I do that through a guided process, usually a visualization, and then I interpret what they see and feel during the process.

We then tap on what the subconscious has shown us and rather than fighting or battling against them those beliefs, we actually honor them, because they are only trying to protect you, although the protection is occurring through a very limited filter.

I ask my clients to tell me what their emotion is saying if it could talk, and I incorporate those words into my customized tapping scripts. For example, if a client is feeling ‘anger’, the anger translates to some version of ‘this wasn’t fair, and nobody gets it, nobody understands,’ so I add those words to my tapping when anger is a primary emotion. By expressing that, the floodgates open, because maybe for the first time ever, someone finally gets it, somebody is actually listening. And that someone is you!

I also don’t rush to positive affirmations. It’s not that the positive affirmations and the decrees and declarations don’t work….it’s simply that the programmed limiting beliefs, the accompanying emotions, and negative self-talk are literally coursing through your nervous system day in and day out….completely unchecked. So I tend to like to wade through the darker “messy” feelings, as we get to some root core beliefs and my clients get amazing results that way.

JRK: You are also known as an “Intentional Living Strategist.” Can you further explain what that means?

KD: I love to use this analogy when I describe intentional living:

A few years ago I was instructed in a dream to study wells and pits. Strange right? This is the simplified version of what I studied:

A “pit” is a concealed opening, which is used as a trap. It is a miserable place or situation.

A “well” is an opening that contains an abundant source of life-giving water.

This realization hit me, the very same opening can either be a pit or a well, it is what is contained inside that makes the determination.

We are all vessels. We hold emotions and beliefs in the core of our nervous system. Those feelings and words determine whether we have a “pit” or a “well” experience. And while no one intentionally sets outs to have pit experience, but we must be very intentional about having a good experience. We must be intentional in creating and manifesting, the life that we desire, and I guide my clients to do just that.

JRK: Do you have any closing thoughts you would like to leave Diversity Rules readers?

KD: You are deserving just as you are. Deserving of love, deserving of joy, deserving of your desires. You are already more than enough! So, Be You, Be Visible and most importantly Be Peaceful!


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