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There are a number of ways to support Diversity Rules Magazine in its efforts to educate and inform the public about queer issues.  Additionally, your support will assist in building a secure financial base for the publication, which will allow for a return of a print version in addition to the highly popular digital issue:

Advertise:  The gay press has been and remains very important to the queer community.  Most queer persons are consumers of mainstream media and heavy users of the various media markets.  Diversity Rules Magazine seeks to tap into this reality and provide a primary source of queer themed articles, arts and entertainment news, and other items of interest that can only be obtained from a queer focused publication.  For more information on online and hard copy advertising opportunities go to:

Patron: If you have enjoyed the digital issues of Diversity Rules Magazine, you’ll even enjoy having a printed copy to save for future reading!  A print edition of Diversity Rules Magazine will happen with your financial support.  Become a PATRON of Diversity Rules TODAY!. For more information on patron opportunities go to:

Invest:  The editor will entertain any and all credible and reasonable investment proposals.  For more information on investment opportunities go to:

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