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May Feature:  Tonia Snell, CEO, 925HIRE
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Tonie Snell is no stranger to hard work and she epitomizes the foundation of overcoming obstacles, no matter the size. As a single mom she worked hard to provide for her family and has never settled for the status quo. Her tenacious personality coupled with her ability to achieve and think outside the box led her on a path of becoming an entrepreneur and setting new trends in the LGBT community.

She is currently the CEO of 925Hire which is a full service staffing firm dedicated to an equitable workplace. Tonie started 925HIRE after working as a freelance recruiter for over a decade. She saw the disparities within her own community of those seeking true workplace equality and diversity which prompted her to start a staffing firm that is a true partner in diversity staffing. As our cultural climate changes to full acceptance and inclusion for our community, 925Hire is a provider of skilled professional and diversity training expertise throughout the US. When you are seeking diversity and fairness, 925HIRE will give you both and it will be a rewarding experience personally and professionally!

The following is an excerpt from Tonia’s feature interview:

JRK:  From your perspective, what are the most important issues in terms of workplace diversity, inclusion and equality?  How has 925HIRE addressed these issues?

TS:  From my perspective, there are several issues that are very important when it comes to workplace diversity.  However, a good beginning would be to address the issues of inclusion and education.  Human diversity in the workplace goes well beyond the dictionary definition of diversity.  When you consider the complexities of gender and sex affiliation, the social impact of race, just to name a couple.  Without the ability to identify and be inclusive of these and other differences, the organization or company will never have the agility to compete in the arena of today’s society.

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