A Sneak Preview: Jason & deMarco

A Sneak Preview of the Editor’s Interview With Jason & deMarco
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jasonanddemarcoPromoPic by Dirty Sugar PhotographyPop singing duo and real-life partners, Jason & deMarco, are hitting the road once again this Fall, spreading their unique brand of inspiring music.  Their “Joy in the Journey: Celebrating Diversity” tour begins in Nashville on Friday, September 27th and continues for thirty days with over twenty East Coast performances.  The couple will travel on an RV tour bus along with Jason’s parents and the duo’s two-year old twin sons, Mason and Noah.  The tour hits upstate NY on Sunday, October 20th with a 10am show at Two Saints in Rochester. Then at 7pm, they perform St. Stephens-Bethlehem in Buffalo.

Diversity Rules Magazine is excited and honored to welcome Jason & deMarco as its feature cover interview.

JRK:  Can you give Diversity Rules readers an idea of who Jason and deMarco are; your background and how it has influenced who you are today?

Jason: That’s a huge question.  Who are we?  The simple answer is that we are two guys who were lucky enough to find one another, believe in one another, share dreams with one another and then take action to make those dreams happen.  I was a Pentecostal boy raised in the church.  deMarco was a Catholic boy who went to church on holidays.  My background made my journey quite interesting, making it difficult to reconcile my sexuality with my faith, but it also is what forced me to ‘consider’ a different path.  Sometimes we need something to push us to question our beliefs, and my sexuality did exactly that.  I’m so grateful now because it’s allowed me to look at others and their differences with compassion rather than judgement. 

deMarco: I think every part of our history affects who we are today, hopefully allowing us to grow from it.  The important thing is that we don’t get caught up in the story of the past, but that we focus on the creation of the future.

JRK:  Let’s start with the obligatory, “how did you meet” question and what was the impetus to go on the road together as performers!

deMarco: We met at a restaurant in Los Angeles where I was working.  Jason walked in and I had heard his music.  I was really excited about meeting him.

Jason: I was on a date! lol  When we met, I kinda brushed deMarco off.  I wasn’t intentionally playing ‘hard to get’ but it obviously paid off.  The next time I visited the restaurant we connected and the rest is history.


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