iris iiIris has a professional philosophy.  “As a writer my journey begins with life, life as I see it through your eyes or mine.”

Iris Ebia is a producer, playwright, and lyricist from Honolulu, Hawaii.  She has worked on a vast array of projects, including written works for business presentations and financial projects. 

She was a quarter-finalist in the annual Fade In Awards, her poem(s) has been published in several magazines, Iris has authored children books, she is affiliated with BMI and is the lyricist for music artist(s) in the US, Canada, and Europe. 

She enjoys writing and overall, Iris loves the inspiration that she gets to share with others.  “My writing and creating comes from my heart and soul.  All the words that I birth to have been a special moment for me and I am influence by all of what life has to SHOW!  LIFE is a SHOW and a SHOW is LIFE!™”

Iris’ stage play is currently a part of a nightlife/entertainment project, “MI WHIRL,” aMAZE experience…where ROMANCE & FANTASY meets LOVE & ILLUSION™.  She also enjoys writing comedy in her leisure.

Dream…I dreamt to come true “MI WHIRL™” around the world!

Iris can be reached via email: irisebia@live.com


There is no such thing as a homosexual or a heterosexual.


Love is an emotion.

First an instinct, followed by feelings, and thereafter thought.

As a human being everything is willed, your decision, and your choice.

Our truth, the sub consciousness gets overruled and confused when the consciousness steps in

and generally rules the thought.

Thus the saying, “go with your gut feelings”

The being knows better, but the human tool of thought tends to override it.

Human beings are not as simple as other organisms,

which functions on instinct with a minimum capacity of thought for survival.

The organ that in which the human was blessed with called the brain infuses our instinct.

We are able to learn from and understand its functions,

but coincidentally misuse it, too.

Conclusion:  When not in this body (form) we are still being–

unable with thought, but still spiritually aware.

As human beings we can feel other energies “instinctively”

this shows us order on how our thought brain works…

feelings are prior to thoughts.

Thereby LOVE is an instinct that beings receive first,

felt by the heart that signals the brain to make a choice.

Reciprocate or not.

To listen to your instinct or go against it and feel disoriented.

Recap:  There is no his or her heart just being, instinct.

Instinct is the understanding to happiness & peace within.

Spirit is formless without feelings & thought!

How do you feel?

(Instinct or Thought)

It’s your choice!

©2014 Iris Ebia

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