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Stu is an exhibitionist. He loves taking it all off for an appreciative audience–male, female, gay, straight, mixed group– for anyone over 18. If you’d like him to pose for you and your friends (virtually or in person), for drawings or for screenshots or just to watch, ask him–there’s NO FEE for readers of this Sans Clothing column. He also does readings from his book and, you guessed it, he does that naked and with no fee as well. His book, ‘Lights On—Clothes Off: Confessions of an Unabashed Exhibitionist,’ fully exposes his exciting exhibitionist life.

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In this month’s Sans Clothing column, I’ll be suggesting a way you can raise money for your favorite charity. With some nudity thrown in of course.

One of my friends, who also posed for art classes around San Diego, was attempting to raise money to support his ride in an upcoming AIDS Lifecycle event. He and a couple of artist and model friends and I came up with this idea and we raised more than $2,000 in one evening. And it was loads of fun!

We contacted several guys who regularly posed Sans Clothing for art classes and photo shoots around town and told them that we were going to sponsor an open house where we would invite non-artists to come and observe all of us posing, nude of course. We also told them that we would allow everyone to take photos during the event. Within a week of asking models we knew we committed four others—three gay guys and one straight guy. That was easy!

Next, we contacted several facilities that hosted drawing groups and had a large enough space that would accommodate our needs. (We hoped that we’d have about twenty-five people attend.) We were very open about our idea to ensure that it would work for them. We had three indicate that they would be happy to assist. One had a small fee and a small space. One had adequate space but poor lighting. The third place, our local LGBTQ theatre, offered us a large rehearsal space with good lighting and no fee. That was it for us!

After selecting a date for the Sans Clothing event the six of us asked friends, photographers, and artists (and boyfriends, partners, husbands, etc.) for their support. We quickly had people commit to bringing wine (not talking about a couple of bottles—one man donated two cases of wine), trays of finger foods, needed paper goods, etc. A couple of guys offered to collect donations at the door and assist with seating, serving, and cleanup. One person arranged for us to be able to take donations at the door via credit cards. And my husband volunteered to be the bartender for the evening.

We all met to plan the details of the evening. We decided to set up the wine and nibbles just outside the door to the space. After surveying the facility we made plans to have seating ‘in the round’ to give our upcoming audience perfect views of each of us as we did our Sans Clothing posing routines. We also decided that we would all stay fully dressed while greeting people before the ‘show.’ Then after each of us would do our first posing we would have an intermission and we would wear briefs only as we mingled. Following intermission each of us would repeat our posing before ending the evening with all of us fully naked while taking our bows.

Next came the advertising. We have two gay publications in town and both agreed to include info on the event. We asked them to stress that it was a fundraiser for the AIDS Lifecycle and that six of us would be posing naked for anyone who wanted to attend and do some drawing or take photos. We asked both publications to include that there would be free wine and food and indicate that no one would be required to draw or take photos; they were welcome to simply come, grab a seat, and watch each of us undress for their viewing pleasure.

We all agreed to personally invite our non-artist friends. This turned out to be the more valuable advertising. Asking guys we knew piqued our interest. Responses from my friends ranged from, “I’d see you naked? No thanks.” to “OMG I will be there, save me a front-row seat.” (And many of my friends did attend.)

The reservations came rolling in! Some from the two publications and many via the invites we extended to our non-artist friends to come and see us posing naked. And of course to help with the fundraising! We suggested a $20 donation but it turned out that just about all of our fifty-six attendees donated more.

I was the oldest model so the group decided that I’d be the host/MC. I got things started by welcoming everyone and inviting them to come inside and take a seat. The group was fairly quiet as I got up on the posing stand and gave everyone information on what to expect. Each of us would pose for about ten minutes before a break. I made sure to thank everyone for coming and I added special thanks to those who donated the wine and goodies. I also acknowledged the theatre for allowing us to use their space.

As I was talking I rotated so I could be seen by the entire circle and I slowly took off my shirt and then my jeans. That got everyone’s attention and the lowering of my zipper drew some applause. I reminded the group to feel free to do some drawing (I saw three who brought drawing pads) and to take photos (several men brought high-end cameras but most had their cell phones already in position).

There were twenty-three men in the audience who I knew socially but who had never seen me naked. I made sure to give them either a wink or a sly smile as I removed my white Calvin briefs. During the next ten minutes, I made sure to give everyone a good front and then back view in my one-minute poses. Never one to be nervous in situations like this I automatically provided an erection for the group’s viewing pleasure. Most cameras quickly focused on my crotch so the men could capture me working ‘hard’ for the evening.

The other models then took turns for their moments in the spotlight. They were all seasoned models who enjoyed showing off. The cameras were clicking away for all of them. And a couple were also delighted to rise for the occasion. (Even the straight one!)

After our wine and nibble intermission, I invited everyone to take their seats for part two which would include each of us posing for fifteen minutes. Instead of remaining on the posing stand, I walked slowly around the circle to offer very close-up views. I paused often, especially in front of the guys who I knew, and offered various positions, front and back, that showed them everything. Their cameras were going crazy.

The other models did the same thing as we didn’t want anyone to leave without having had the opportunity to see and capture the details of all of our Sans Clothing bodies.

While thanking everyone for attending and for their generous donations I announced how much was raised; that brought a good round of applause. I also announced that if anyone wanted to stay a bit longer each of us would be happy to pose for photos for them or with them; several of the guests took us up on that offer.

One private thing. I hope that photos from the fundraiser have been widely shared. I get a thrill when pics of me are shared, displayed, or posted online. And I love when my husband and I are out for the evening and bump into men who attended. All of their comments have been positive and they enjoyed showing us photos they had taken.

This was a fun and fabulous fundraising event. Consider replicating the idea in your hometown. Help a charity but be sure they approve of your idea in advance as sadly some organizations may not want the money raised by a group of naked guys. If you want to brainstorm and get suggestions regarding what worked and didn’t work for us contact me. When you do an event please let me know! And invite me as I’d love to drop my Calvins on your posing stand.

I hope you enjoy my Sans Clothing monthly column. If nudity, exhibitionism, or voyeurism are issues you’d like to chat about here’s my email: If you would like some photos from sessions I’ve posed for just ask me (and indicate your age). There’s no fee for subscribers. Thanks. Stu

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