Remedies: Workplace Bullying

By Donny Winter
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donny_winterDonny Winter is a gay rights activist on YouTube and recently graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in English and Anthropology. He’s aiming to publish a manuscript of LGBTQ-themed poetry and write a memoir of his high school days where he was a victim of frequent bullying.

The older you get the more insidious bullying becomes, in fact it can become almost as subtle as a passing conversation unless you’re able to recognize the signs. Bullying in the workplace is probably the most common mode of insidious adulthood bullying. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been bullied or undermined in some way by someone higher up on the hierarchy.

There are three signs of work place bullying:

1. When the employer is overly eager to dismiss your contribution whether it be ideas, successes and genuine opinion.

2. When the employer shows favoritism toward other employees based on mutual likes or shared interests.

3. When the employer talks down to you like a child or passive aggressively blames you for mistakes you haven’t committed.

This bullying is difficult to resolve because the employer is already in a position of power, and power often perpetuates a sense of submission or fear in the individuals feeling undermined by said power. The common phrase, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” definitely is true in this instance.

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community you’ve no doubt to some degree or another felt the symptoms of workplace bullying. Like all other bullying the answer to resolving workplace bullying is by telling someone higher than the employer.

Bullying requires awareness. By calling out said bullying, you’re preventing other people from suffering the same bullying you’re experiencing.


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