My Two Cents

JRK_thumbWelcome to the October issue of Diversity Rules Magazine! It is time for My Two Cents!  The October issue is an exciting one for a couple of reasons!

First, I am so psyched to have our guest feature interviewee, Greg Scarnici, be part of the Diversity Rules family. What an awesome and talented individual and he comes to us compliments of the fine folks at Project Publicity.

Greg is a comedic artist and musician, whose music video and commercial parodies have been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube and a host of other sites. His work has also been featured on MTV, VH1, Fox News and CNN. He also is an Associate Producer with Saturday Night Live.

He has just recently released his first memoir entitled, “I Hope My Mother Doesn’t See This.” We are psyched to have him in the pages of Diversity Rules Magazine.

Find out more about Greg by visiting his website.

The second exciting happening in October is the unveiling of a new website. By the time this issue hits the cyber airwaves, the website will have been unveiled. Many thanks to the fine folks at asdf Solutions for their dedicated and awesome work! It certainly is a turning point in the history of Diversity Rules Magazine.

This month’s issue features many fine writers and articles of interest. I hope you enjoy the issue and spread the word about Diversity Rules Magazine. There are some exciting times coming and together we will ride the wave and watch things unfold. Stay tuned for some other surprises over the coming months.

Summer has passed and fall is upon us. Enjoy your fall and see you all soon.

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