Lost Behind a Dream

By Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher, Diversity Rules Magazine
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20140122_115931Any great idea or invention is conceived from visions we create in our minds beginning as young children and continuing through our adult lives.  As young children we create vivid pictures in our heads about the places we shall visit, the things we shall undertake, and the people we shall become.

These visions we have about our futures begin when we start our journey in life and are shaped by the education and life experiences we accumulate in our young, fresh minds.  We have the innocence of youth on our side and are convinced we shall achieve everything we set out to do.

As our lives progress we begin to lose the innocence of our youth.  Life begins to knock us around and we begin to settle for less than what our initial expectations were.  We abandon our childhood dreams and set them aside in a safe place for future reference.  But like all safe places, we sometimes forget where our safe place is and that which we put in our safe place remains untouched and many times forgotten indefinitely.

Life has a tendency to put us in situations we do not wish to be in.  We all have our “preferred scenarios” of where we want to be and what we wish to have happen to us.  Often times our “preferred scenarios” are relegated to the safe place hidden within our self-conscious and forgotten.  Once there, a danger exists that they will never be extricated and fulfilled.

How do these visions we created for ourselves as children that are buried deeply away return to our conscious state?  One way is through our nocturnal dreams; our visits into our subconscious minds.  As adults who have forgotten where our safe place is, our night visits to our subconscious hold the keys to firmly restoring our childhood aspirations into our conscious state as well as our true selves that are lost behind our dreams.

Lately I have had some very lucid dreams that I remember quite clearly upon awakening.  When I remember what I dreamt about I have a tendency to examine the dream a bit more deeply and conjecture hidden meanings and possible answers to the many questions I have about myself and the essence of who I am.

We have to ask ourselves what exactly is “behind a dream.”  As a friend said on Facebook, “Realism is behind and in front of a dream and we are in search of something that we want to be real and sometimes feel is only a dream.”  I couldn’t agree more!  The visions that got tucked away in our safe places hidden deep within our subconscious – visions that we wanted to be real but did not come to fruition — begin to seek a way out of our subconscious.

When we are asleep our conscious mind is at rest and is in a vulnerable state.  It is at this moment of vulnerability that what we tucked away recognizes our subconscious mind is in control and an opportunity exists to escape its banishment from behind our dreams.

How many times have you awakened with a solution to a problem or had an idea that would facilitate your moving forward in your life much more rapidly because of a dream you had?  How many times have you awakened with a smile on your face because you dreamt about someone from your past who is no longer with you that jogged your memory about something you wanted for yourself because of this person?  Pay heed to your dreams and what you are dreaming about – especially if you can remember the details of the dream.

Our dreams prompted by our intuitive subconscious state can hold the answers to many of life’s questions.  Get in tune with your intuition.  By doing so you will be much better equipped to recognize when an answer is coming from within your mind or when an opportunity appears to recapture something that has been tucked deep away inside of yourself — that which you wanted to be real but thought would only remain as an unfulfilled childhood aspiration.

It is only natural that we become lost behind our dreams because of the hands dealt us in life.  The real challenge in life is to awaken to our true selves – the person that our soul is supposed to become — and begin to explore avenues by which to allow our true selves to blossom and become our dominant persona.  Remembering our dreams and the messages included in them is one key to allowing our dominant personas to flourish.


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