Latin XOXO

Migguel Anggelo is breaking barriers on the American stage, creating unique works that are reflective of the multicultural, multi-lingual, changing demographics of our country and times. The Brooklyn based, Venezuelan born artist began his career at 13 as Pinocchio in a South American touring production of the Broadway musical. He trained for a dozen years in classical ballet, studied voice at the Conservatory of Music in Cologne, Germany, has written music throughout all of his journeys as an immigrant in several countries, and has released two albums, the most recent being La Casa Azul.

In addition to performing on many of the world’s greatest stages – including Teatro Teresa Carreño in Caracas; Teatro Insurgentes in Mexico City; Teatro Lola Membrives and Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires; and The New World Center in Miami, Florida – Migguel performs regularly at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater in New York City where he was recently awarded a residency as part of the 2019 Joe’s Pub Working Group. His newest creation premiered this January: LatinXoxo: An Unrequited Serenata, a musical exploration of love and Latino stereotypes seen through a queer lens. Previous shows created for Joe’s Pub were So Close: Love & Hate, Another Son of Venezuela, and I, Inmigrante, which he developed with Obie Award winner David Drake.

In LatinXoxo Migguel Anggelo shatters the boundaries of gender in a striptease of the stereotypes his machismo father put upon him from birth. Being a kid who knew he was attracted to boys at a very young age had its challenges; even more so having a closed-minded father. He still remembers the sting of the words his father uttered: “I’d rather have a prostitute for a daughter than a gay son.”

Then at the age of 12, Migguel witnessed his father’s death by electrocution in the backyard in their home in Valencia, Venezuela, forcing him to face the dichotomy between love and hate he felt toward him. Through the dialogue in LatinXoxo, Anggelo comes to terms with that and faces the Virgin/Whore and Femme/Macho dichotomies his father saw in him and eventually comes to peace with the man he has become.In an outrageously queer concert experience, Migguel moves through iconic pop hits, original compositions, and the Spanish boleros of his youth, reminding us that our greatest love is right there in the mirror. With musical direction and arrangements by Jaime Lozano and a new book by J. Julian Christopher, LatinXoxo is conceived by Migguel Anggelo and directed and developed by Srđa Vasiljević.


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