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By Terry Ludwig
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terry_ludwig (80 x 100)Spring is just around the corner.  The change of seasons will naturally inspire, however, you must still be mindful to negate worrisome thoughts. What are you doing to stay optimistic?  This month’s activity is to create happiness and manifest abundance!

There are plenty of wonderful inspirational books to explore.  Creating a daily gratitude list is also a great way to keep your mind in a good place. What’s more, if you are keeping active and exercising, you’re on the right path.  But those things aren’t enough.

The real power comes when you take responsibility for your thoughts.  You can change your life right now, simply by changing your mind.  Your thoughts become things and they have created the life you are living now. Look around you. Who are you surrounded with?  What activities are you involved in? Are you passionate about your job? Here’s the greatest question; Are you happy? If your answer is no, it’s time to look inside. 

What have you been thinking and doing to create this life you’re now living?  There are no neutral thoughts.  Thoughts contain the power of creation.  The life you’re living today is the culmination of thoughts you’ve been thinking.  

Life is a projection of your imagination, much like a dream you experience at night.  I remember the first time I practiced lucid dreaming.  I’d had a recurring nightmare where I was being chased by a horrible creature, and fleeing in slow motion. I knew I couldn’t escape so each time the creature was about to pounce, I would faint or play dead. Then one night, during this repetitive dream, I was sick and tired of running, so I mentally rewound my dream and faced the creature.  As it turns out, the creature didn’t want to pounce on me after all.  It just stopped, and disappeared. What an empowering dream!  My nightmares ended.

My life was on a similar path until I stopped running and started taking responsibility for my thoughts; turning my life from a fearful nightmare into a joyful wonderland where everything is possible.  It’s simple and it works, but it’s not always easy.   Taking responsibility for your thoughts requires vigilance.

You don’t realize you’re creating with every thought.  It’s likely your mind is preoccupied with the past. What have you created with this preoccupation of the past?  If you feel like you’re going nowhere in your life, it’s no wonder!

It’s time to start living and stop the recurring nightmare you’ve created in your life.  First, take responsibility for your thoughts. Stop thinking about the past and bring your mind to the present; now.

Next, be grateful for the goodness in your life.  Instead of longing for love out there somewhere, start loving yourself now and imagine yourself happy! Just doing this is enough to create happiness. Sending this message of love and happiness to the Universe requires the Universe to respond.  What you share, you strengthen.

To manifest abundance, create a vision board.  You can do this with magazine clippings and poster board, or online with or  Make sure your vision board contains all of the places and things you love, along with pictures of “you!” Get emotional about it; it will enhance the process!

Finally, put yourself in play.  The Universe can’t shower you with gifts or bring the right people or places into your life if you’re at home doing nothing. Go to local events and places where the ship of your dreams can find you!

You don’t need to wait for spring to arrive to be happy – happiness is now, and abundance is yours, if you want it. 

Keep up Now with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the Source.

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