By Jim Koury, Editor, Diversity Rules Magazine
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jimsexyEvery action or idea has its root in inspired thought.  A spark of inspiration is always the catalyst in a creative process.  If one is not inspired to undertake an objective, it is more than likely fulfillment of the objective will not come to fruition.

Inspiration can come to us in many forms and can be grounded in both positive and negative energy.  A boss can inspire an employee to action by threatening them with loss of their job (clearly negative inspiration).  Writers and artists will often times lose themselves in quiet solitude in the woods or some other conducive environment to become inspired to write, paint or draw.  Politicians are inspired by their desire to change society for the better (albeit the change involved can be a subjective interpretation and others may not agree with their inspired political action.)  Medical professionals are inspired to become doctors, nurses or whatever health related field is involved, because they are inspired to keep people healthy through preventative and reactionary activities.  You get the idea!

There is generally a common denominator in what inspires people do do what they do; passion. Truly inspired thought is grounded in and is directly related to the level of passion one has to achieve a goal.  Without passion, there is very little chance one will be successfully inspired to do whatever it is they set out to do.

Analyzing this a bit further however, one has to ask what creates the inspiration to become impassioned to do something?  Inspiration is an intuitive action.  It is one’s intuition, their gut feelings, that propels them to become inspired to breathe life into an idea; it is a stirring within one’s soul that lights the fire of inspired thoughts.  Inspiration is a divine awakening of the greatness that is within us all.

Relating this to a queer individual, inspiration to come out of the closet is grounded in a person’s passionate desire to become who they truly were meant to be.  A person cannot indefinitely deny their divine origin, their individuality, and ultimate linkage to the universe and to the forces of life generally, by living a life that is not their true selves,  Being born queer is as natural as the sun rising in the morning or the moon shining brightly in the sky at night.  As is the case with natural earthly phenomenon, being queer is divinely breathed into us, and is our natural state of being.  To deny one’s “queerness” is to deny their soul, their true selves – that which was inspired by the forces of the universe.

I challenge you to look within and ask yourselves if you are living a truly inspired life.  Is it grounded in your true essence of who you are or is it a façade inspired by what others think you should be?  As my dear friend Terry Ludwig always says, “Keep up now – with the stream of higher consciousness and stay connected to the source.”  Tap into the intuitive inspiration that is within us all and use its infinite energy to breathe life into and unleash your personal greatness in concert with the power of the universe.

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