How To Diversify Your Reading List in 2024

How To Diversify Your Reading List in 2024

Books are an essential part of our lives, and reading is an excellent way to learn new things, improve our vocabulary, and entertain ourselves. However, most of us cling to our favorite authors, genres, and themes, which limits our knowledge and perspectives.

As we move toward 2024, we need to diversify our reading list and explore new authors and genres. We’ve broken down how to do that in five easy steps.

Step 1: Research Underrepresented Authors and Genres

Finding new authors and genres is the first step in diversifying your reading list. Use online resources like Goodreads and Book Riot’s “Read Harder Challenge” to find books written by underrepresented authors or in underrepresented genres. You can also join book clubs, follow literary blogs, or participate in book reading challenges organized by diverse groups. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, this may mean joining a group or finding challenges for diverse reading other than sexual identity.

Step 2: Read Through an Intersectional Lens

Intersectional reading means giving importance to the intersection of different identities like race, gender, sexuality, nationality, and religion. When choosing your books, find options that provide multiple perspectives and give voices to underrepresented communities. You can also take notes while reading and pay attention to the author’s background, writing style, and themes to help you better understand what you’re reading.

Step 3: Read Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

Non-fiction books provide a lot of insight into different communities, histories, and cultures. They also provide a more comprehensive understanding of the issues that marginalized groups face. However, fictional books often spark more creativity and deeper empathy. Your reading list should combine both, even if you typically read only one. Exploring new genres and styles of books in this way will challenge your reading abilities and how you connect with a piece of work.

Step 4: Use Online Reviews and Recommendations

Asking for recommendations from a person from within an underrepresented community is one of the best ways to find new, diverse reads. However, one of the best ways to connect with people who are different from us is online. Online reviews and recommendations from different communities can help you expand your reading list. Social media platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter, and Instagram have book clubs and discussion groups where people can recommend books that promote diversity and equality. You can also read reviews on platforms like Amazon and Goodreads to help you choose your next read.

Step 5: Challenge Yourself

Lastly, to diversify your reading list, you need to challenge yourself. It’s easy to fall back into your comfort zone and read what you know. Stepping out of it and reading beyond your preferences, though, can help you learn and grow as an individual. Make a reading challenge for yourself based on conversations you have with people who are different from you. Alternatively, you can participate in a book club that features diversity and inclusion. You may even have the opportunity to share your perspective as a member of the queer community while listening to other people’s unique experiences.

Diversifying your reading list in 2024 means stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new authors and genres. Discomfort and exploration don’t occur by accident or in a vacuum. You must be intentional in seeking out new books and perspectives.

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