Groovin’ Wtih the Flow

By Jim Koury, Editor, Diversity Rules Magazine
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jrk_color[2] There are many forces in nature that influence our lives, both seen and unseen.  In terms of those forces that are visible to us, we are beholden to the elements, and the natural Earthly phenomenon that we have no control over, such as storms, climatic variations and such other occurrences that can cause disruptions in our daily routines.  We learn to deal with these natural events by adapting to the consequences of any after effects caused by natural phenomenon and get back into the groove of life after any disruption subsides.

Unseen forces impacting our lives are much harder to discern, but they are no less dramatic in their impact and how they influence our day-to-day decisions as well as the longer term decisions we make.  There is an interconnectedness with the universe and its power and our lives and the lives of others.  It is this natural power that creates equilibrium, and when we are one with the source of universal power, our lives seem to flow a bit smoother and the meaning of our lives is much more focused.  When we are “groovin’ with the flow”, we are open to personal growth and greater awareness of life and its meaning and our impact on others and the broader well being of society generally.

Sometimes we need to take a “breather” in order to regroup, rethink and strategize, which can cause temporary disequilibrium.  I like to refer to these moments as “alone time” where we make a conscious and purposeful decision to just live within ourselves in order to reassess things.

Our lives are full of distractions and tangents, and without a clear understanding of our personal mission, we can tend to get “stuck” and get out of our natural flow.  This is normal and healthy.  The key to moving forward is to jump back into our natural flow, with a better comprehension of our lives.  It is like a river; sometimes we need to just get out of its powerful flow and sit on the side for a while to rest.

As I have mentioned before in prior writings, our path forward involves reaching a number of plateaus of personal growth, where we can take a moment and reflect on how we arrived there, and what needs to be done to move to the next plateau of our life.  There can be a natural tendency to voluntarily stay at a particular plateau because it’s comfortable or we have not yet learned what we need to know in order to move forward.

The universe can also create involuntary “stopovers.”  I have noticed lately, that when I reach a certain level of personal awareness, I have been challenged to make a decision to make changes in my life that will unfetter me, and allow me to move to the next plateau..  The universe, in its infinite wisdom, does this by returning us to our past and reminds us of some prior habits and routines that characterized those past periods of our lives.  We are given a choice to decide if we wish to cling to those old routines or discard them and find a new outlook on life and broader paradigms of thought outside of what we are used to.  Once we make a decision, we are immersed back into our natural flow based on decisions made at the plateau.  Unfortunately, many of us, myself included, have at times decided they weren’t ready to move forward for whatever reason, and opted to cling to old routines and habits, thus delaying our arrival to our ideal state of being.

As a queer individual, this concept of “groovin with the flow” is one I take to heart very much.  As I look back upon my life in the closet, my natural flow was being disregarded.  I was not living the life I was supposed to and was trying to be someone I was not.  Because I was living behind a false facade, this period was turbulent, unstable and overall very disruptive to my psyche and basic understanding of my purpose and mission in life.

The past few years, I have been on a remarkable path of personal development and self-awareness,  I am now at a juncture, at which I am now being immersed in memories of old ways of life, and being given an opportunity to clearly understand and compare what it would mean to continue to cling to old thought patterns, habits and routines that may not be the best ones to carry forward into a subsequent journey forward to a new plateau.

I truly believe I am being a given a choice to decide what I want to retain and carry forward with me and what I want, and need, to leave behind.  I am at the point where I realize I must let some things go while at the same time accepting them as part of me.  It is time to tuck them away as memories of what was, but cannot be any longer.  While I am somewhat sad to have to do that with some, it is a necessary step in order to “groove with the flow.”

What is it that is preventing you from “groovin’ with the flow?”  What do you need to cast off from your past in order to create equilibrium in your life?  Decide what is tethering you from moving forward and unleash the power that is within you already for achieving your personal greatness.

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