Expectations; we all have them.   When we are young we expect to grow up to be successful, healthy, well grounded individuals.  The innocence of youth harbors high expectations for not only ourselves but for those around us and how we interact with them.  We also expect to be treated fairly and equitably, and want to trust people to do the right thing for themselves and others.
As we grow older, life takes hold and it begins to dictate what the reality will be.  As a result, our youthful expectations seem to diminish.  We shove them to the back of our minds because we allow the perceived realities of life to tell us that we do not deserve those grandiose expectations fabricated in our youthful, innocent minds.
 Instead we settle for less; our expectations of what will be our reality become dependent upon external influences and circumstances dictated by others.  As a result, our ego minds convince us that lessened expectations are what we deserve.
Many of us who lived closeted lives also had high expectations, but there was a hidden regulator on our ability to actually know deep inside ourselves that our expectations could be fulfilled.  Our ego minds would always draw us back to the reality that “hey you are gay; you aren’t going to achieve those high expectations, so just settle for less and be done with it.” 
Unfortunately, many LGBTQ individuals take this perception of their lives to their graves.  They never regain their innate ability to shape their own destiny by using the power of their minds to bring their high expectations to fruition.  They die with their songs unsung.  That is sad, very sad.
Repel the shackles of the ego!  Take charge of your life once again.  Remember the exhilaration you felt resulting from your youthful expectations, dreams and desires.  Recapture that energy by releasing the power of expectation once again!
Decide today that you are not going to die with the music of your life unwritten, unscripted.  Write your own choreography of your future by using your power of expectation to set your goals of who you want to become.  Reject those that wish to put a regulator on your ability to see grander circumstances for yourselves than what society says you deserve.

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