Collective Thoughts

How many times have you heard someone say, “Your life is in your hands?”  What is your reaction?  Do you ignore it and keep lamenting how terrible your life is or do you say, “Yes, it is, and I am going to change it.”
Last week I focused on wiping the slate clean and starting over.  What if many people all at once decided to change their lives?  What do you think would happen if people decided to focus on the same thing and made a decision to change something collectively for the better?
The power of the mind is an awesome force.  To have the power of many minds the result could have a profound effect on society.   We attract what we think, both good and bad.  Not only does this happen individually, but also collectively.  If a nation of people think circumstances are horrible, does it not follow that things become horrible?
We see this in terms of the economy.  If we continually hear that the economy is bad, it then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that the economy sours.  Why?  Because the collective force of many minds decided to believe the notion that conditions were bad.  If they hear it, it must be so. Actions then occur accordingly to stop buying things, and to begin to worry about what will happen in the future.
Let’s apply this to the LGBT community.  Individually there are many closeted people who simply resign themselves to staying in the closet because they feel they cannot come out.  This happens because society constantly drums it into their heads that they can’t; that their way of life is sinful and dire consequences will ensue if they come out.
Collectively, when the LGBT community believes this same thing, progress forward toward fulfilling equality for all is elusive, since the force of many minds believing it cannot be so, will influence what the universe delivers.
If many minds begin to believe that change can come, it will come.  The belief that equality for all is achievable now, in our lifetimes, is creating a situation where the power of the LGBT community has influenced change for the better.  It has begun to eliminate the shackles of prejudice, hate and ignorance.
Be part of a unified force of change.  Believe change can come and that equality for all is a done deal already.  If collectively we believe it, then it shall be so.

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