Clarity of Purpose

By Jim Koury, Editor/Publisher, Diversity Rules Magazine
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JRK (75 x 75)There are moments in our lives when we sometimes wonder about our future and what it holds.  If you are like me, I am sure you have wished for the ability to see things clearly and know if the decisions we are making are the correct ones.  More often than not, however, we are enmeshed in uncertainly and we make what we feel is the best choice given the information available to us at a particular point in time or in the worst case scenario, we simply make no decision.  We often lack the clarity of mind to truly know if what we are doing is the right course of action.

Clarity is the “clearness of appearance” or “clearness of thought or style.”  Another definition is “the state or quality of being clear; transparency; lucidity.”  It is a natural desire to be able to arrive at a decision in a clear, concise and transparent fashion, without any hidden diversions or pitfalls that will sway us from making the decision.  We all know that this is not generally the case.

There have also been times when I have had the clarity to make a decision and know in my heart that it would be the right one.  However, I lacked the will to follow through on the decision that I knew in a clear, concise fashion, would be the best option for me.  What is it that prevents us from seeing particular situations in a clear, precise manner?  What prevents us from following through on a decision that we know is the best one?  How do we achieve the clarity of purpose to overcome our obstacles in order to achieve the personal greatness we so desire?

The answer lays in the “why.”  If we do not know why we want something, we generally will not achieve the desired end.  If we do not have a sense of why we are doomed to failure and a life of mediocrity.  The why is that which will define the clarity of purpose we seek to achieve a desired goal and overcome the obstacles to realize that goal. The why is the drive; it is the dream, the vision of where you want to be. You need to visualize it and live it each and every day in your mind. See it in your head so much that your subconscious begins to recognize it as the reality instead of what can be. You must also BELIEVE that you can have your why. The universe will not deliver your why if it knows you do not believe. Faith and belief are integral components in the realization of the why and ultimate clarity of purpose.

I  can look back upon my young 53 years and see many instances where not knowing why I wanted something impeded my movement forward.  The why must be something personal and meaningful, and not some innocuous desire such as to be “financially independent.”  WHY do you want to be financially independent?  What is it that you would do with the wealth you have amassed that would drive you to overcome your obstacles?

The same can be said of being in the closet.  You know you want to come out, but the fear of the unknown and not having a clarity of purpose prevents you from actually coming out and casting off your façade that you carefully and meticulously constructed for so many years.  The why needs to be much more than “I want to come out.”  You must think of what you would DO as an out individual. Think about how many people you could help being out and the support you could give to someone who is struggling with the same issues.  You need to figure out for yourself what it would mean to you to be out of that dreary closet, living the life you so richly deserve.  Create the why that will make you burn with desire and envision a clarity of purpose that shines brightly in front of you, no matter what is thrown before you in an attempt to divert you.

Define your why!  Once you do, the how, the resources and the people to help you achieve your why will appear.  Your faith and belief in something greater than yourself will attract the means to the end.  Clearly there will be times when there will be a disconnect between where you are and where you will be, but you can’t think about the in between!  Focus and keep doing what you need to, and your desired end will arrive when you least expect it.

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