June Feature:  Raph Solo


Diversity Rules Magazine welcomes Raph Solo as its June feature.

Photo by: Michele Martinoli

Raph’s story is an empowering one, and about a journey of self-worth and self-love. He has released a new album with the first release being the title track, “Word of Love.”

In “Word of Love,” the title track from Raph Solo’s new album, the singer-songwriter promises to break his pattern of falling for Mr. Wrong. “The song is about self-love and knowing your value and not letting yourself be put in situations where you are taken for granted,” he explains, admitting: “I’ve found myself in situations where I felt I was not being appreciated, and I wrote a song about it so I never make that mistake again.”

Many of Raph’s songs reflect on his personal journey of finding love and overcoming trauma. While he is a proud gay man today, he wasn’t always so. Just a few years ago, Raph underwent reparative therapy in an attempt to cure himself of his homosexuality. It was a harrowing experience that damaged his self-esteem. “It made me feel like a failure because no matter how hard I tried, I could not change my feelings.” “Word of Love” is the title track of his new album that features seven songs including some dance-inspired grooves, a few mid-tempo songs, and an acoustic ballad. Self-worth is a major theme throughout the album.

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