September Feature
Black Lives Matter, Folks!

James R. Koury Editor/Publisher

Welcome to the September issue of Diversity Rules Magazine. Summer is on its way out, and fall is fast approaching.  It certainly is hard to believe the year has gone by so quickly, but I guess, do we care about that this year?  LOL.  Given the virus impacts and its associated horrors, 2020 cannot depart fast enough.  Let’s just hope that 2021 is much better and that we have a new President Joe Biden.

Needless to say, 2020 has been a very tumultuous year, not only because of Covid-19, but it has been so because of the inept and incompetent management of our country by Donald Trump.  What a complete and utter failure the man has been.  He has brought nothing but chaos, despair, and divisiveness and there is no reason why we should not expect pretty much of the same if he should be re-elected, which we all hope will not be the case.

Along with Covid-19, our nation has been rocked with racial unrest with the murder of George Flloyd, and now with the shooting of Jacob Blake in the back by overzealous police officers.  Combine that with the shooting of innocent people by white supremacist filth Kyle Rittenhouse, along with the many others who have fallen victim to the forces of racism and the brutality of racist police officers, our nation has been immersed in conflict and strife like we have not seen since the race riots of the 1960s.

I felt it was important to focus this month’s issue on the Black Lives Matter movement and support it wholeheartedly because really, no lives can matter as long as black lives do not matter.  We cannot continue to treat our African-American citizens as second class folks, to be murdered at whim, and be treated in the fashion they have been treated by many of our nation’s police officers and others.

Racism is alive and well in our country, unfortunately, It is time to stop the carnage against our black brothers and sisters.  It is time we take a stand and demand justice for those killed, and to stop the senseless brutality against another human being simply because of the color of their skin.

I fear racism may never go away, as young people are being indoctrinated by white supremacist parents all over the nation. They will grow up to replace those that go before them. They will take up the cause of purity, and Christian righteousness as they hide behind their guns, confederate flags, and other putrid manifestations of the hate that lies in their hearts.No, racism may never go away but we can certainly contain it, and keep it in the fringes where it belongs and prevent it from adversely impacting the lives of so many through our government institutions, police forces and other venues that its evil has infiltrated.

We can and must hope for a better tomorrow. We can hope for a better America and a return to the values we all cherish and hold.  We must work to dispel the vileness that has infiltrated our nation. America deserves better.  It will be a long, difficult journey to quell the strife in our nation, but it can be done.  It will be done.  It must be done.  For America’s sake and the future of democracy as we knew it before the Trump Era unleashed its hate and divisiveness on the nation.

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