August Feature: Michael Fairman

Photo By Ryan Hutchins

The August feature is an interview with Michael Fairman.

Michael grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Music was always his passion and first love. As a teen, he released his first recordings through a small label in Chicago. Once he graduated high school, he moved to Los Angeles and then to New York to pursue his career as a recording artist. He formed a band to back him. They performed in clubs, recorded, and tried to get the A&R reps from the record labels to come out to his showcases, but due to a myriad of excuses, they seldom came. The rejection and the financial drain eventually convinced Fairman he needed a major change. He put music on hold and moved back to Los Angeles where he began a career in TV Production and entertainment journalism.

In “Better Late Than Never,” Michael Fairman responds to those who believe he has missed his chance at attaining his music dreams.  Written and produced by Fairman and Kyle Mangels, “Better Late Than Never” is a soulful groove song, the likes of Tinashe, that combines the classic R&B harmonies of a Stevie Wonder tune with the Pop/R&B feel of a modern-day Nick Jonas track. The song’s message is simple yet profound: if you believe, you can achieve.  “If you want something bad enough, isn’t it worth trying for it rather than forever wondering, ‘what if’?” Fairman asks.  It’s an appeal that has special relevance today as the world prepares for the Olympic games.  It reminds listeners that sometimes, in order to reach one’s goal, you must first endure heartache, pain, negativity, and disappointment.

Check out Michael’s full interview HERE.