July Feature:  A Story Of Male Sexual Assault


Diversity Rules Magazine welcomes Ron Blake as its July feature.

Ron Blake graduated with an MPA in Public Affairs from Indiana University, was elected as a city councilman in suburban Chicago at a young age, was a high school physics teacher, and worked with hundreds of students as a high school cross country and track coach for 15 seasons.

Blake was born in Gary, IN and has lived in Phoenix for the last 13 years. His parents, Ron and Rita are retired educators. He has a sister Kris and three brothers: Scott, Matt, and Mark. His parents and brothers live in Indiana (Chicago suburbs) and his sister lives in San Diego.

Blake has lived in Los Angeles, San Diego, and England too.

Ron’s story is an important and timely one since he was sexually assaulted.  Sexual assault has become a hot topic of discussion, with many victims coming forward telling their stories of abuse that have been kept secret for many years.  Most stories of sexual assault are from women. Very rarely do we hear those of men who have been sexually assaulted.

In his interview, Ron speaks of the incident, and how he felt afterward and how he has used the incident as an empowering vehicle to achieve his goal of being on the Steven Colbert Show.  You will have to read the interview to find out what that’s all about!

Click HERE to read Ron’s full interview!