January Feature:
We’re Queer!  Where Do We Go From Here?

James R. Koury

Wow, it is January, the first month of the New Year, and a new decade. Where is the time going? It seemed just like yesterday when we were all hunkered down, wondering what was going to happen to the world when the year 2000 came. Well, it has come and gone, and here we are 20 years later!

Twenty years is a long time. A lot can happen in 20 years, and it has, with some being very bad. The election of Donald Trump as the occupant of the White House was probably, in my opinion, one of the worst moments of the young 21st century. Three years into his term and my gut feelings that he was going to be very bad for America have come to fruition.  In fact, he has turned out to be much worse than I ever expected.

His administration has brought nothing but havoc and chaos on our great nation, and particularly against anyone who is not straight and white. LGBTQ Americans, specifically, have been the target of this reprehensible man’s evil since he got into office. This month’s feature is focused on Queer Americans.  We are here.  We are Queer, but we must ask, where do we go from here given the toxic environment that the current occupant in the White House has unleashed upon America.  There have been many setbacks since this horrid man was elected on that dark day in November 2016.  However, a lot of good things have happened as well.  We must grasp on to the good things, keep the faith, and unabashedly live our individual truths.

November 3, 2020, is fast approaching. We have an opportunity to correct course and defeat this menace who is nothing but a selfish, egomaniacal, narcissistic fool who only thinks of himself and his family and their financial advancement at the expense of the American taxpayer.  LGBTQ Americans deserve much better.  We do not deserve to be disparaged by Trump and his reactionary minions, who want the establishment of a theologically based government. They disparage and disrespect our constitutional freedoms each and every day, and want to roll back all the advancements made in the last 50 years since the Stonewall Rebellion.  We will not stand for it.  We will not tolerate this man’s evil and his desire to relegate queer Americans back to the closet.  We are Queer.  We are here. We are not going anywhere!

However, what is worse than a Trump supporter is a queer Trump supporter.  They are an embarrassment to the cause and should be called out for their treachery, and their traitorous support of a man that hates them, and wants to see them no longer exist legally.  We live in scary times when those of our own community support such a vile man who trashes the constitution at every turn and makes a mockery of all that America represents.

This queer American will do all in his power to see that a bright light shines on their transgressions against humanity and that the stain of shame they have brought upon this country is erased.  History will not judge this administration well at all.  It saddens me that we have to live through this reign of terror but I am heartedly glad that future generations of Americans will only have to read about the vileness of this administration and the shame it brought upon our great nation.

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