February Feature:  Jack Tracy


3rd Season of “History” Debuts Valentine’s Day

Photo By: Joey Sbarro Photography

Diversity Rules Magazine welcomes back Jack Tracy. This time he is talking about the debut of the 3rd season of his series entitled, “History.”  

The third season of Jack Tracy’s LGBTQ series, HISTORY, premieres this Valentine’s Day. Executive produced by Tracy, and financed through him, the third season features six half-hour episodes and follows his character, Jamie, as he discovers how the examples set by his parents framed his expressions of love and what he values most in relationships. The story picks up a year after the close of season 2 when the gang is finally all coupled up. Jamie is with Mark, a sexually charged Brit, and they are considering the possibility of opening their relationship, eyeing Will’s ex as a possible candidate. Meanwhile, Will is deciding whether or not to give in to his new boyfriend’s insistence they move in together while Matthew has decided to look past the gang’s objections and accept his boyfriend’s flaws. Then there’s Ted, whose own hang-ups may destroy his burgeoning relationship with a local drag queen.

“The struggles all of these 30-somethings face are a direct result of growing up gay,” explains Jack Tracy. “They’re forced to confront complex issues such as gender roles, toxic masculinity, rejection, and loyalty. In the end, we learn what love is for each individual and whether the baggage from their past can ever be overcome.”.

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