July Feature
Dwight Allen O’Neal

Dwight Allen O’Neal
Photo By: Rick Day

Get ready to create your greatness. Dwight Allen O’Neal provides the tools needed to inspire, empower, and aide you in believing you can do anything, just redirect your mindset, and positively shift your thoughts to create every day greater than the last.

Trained at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and an extensive background in beauty. Dwight Allen O’Neal is a multi-talented industrialist with a strong portfolio of varied speaking engagements and a wealth of knowledge (from Entertainment, Beauty, or Entrepreneurship).

It’s been said that our mistakes are the sculptors that shape who we are. In Dwight’s new book Shoulda! Coulda! Woulda! he explores some of his own missteps and reflects on how they have affected his personal journey. In a series of vignettes ranging from lighthearted to traumatic, Dwight lets you know what happened, what he was thinking, and how each experience changed his life.

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