August Feature:  Dina Delicious

Photo Credit: Rob Ouano

Dina Delicious is an NYC-based transgender nightlife personality and recording artist and actress. She grew up in a single parent home in Bensonhurst Brooklyn with her mom and brother.

Her earliest music memory is of her mom dancing around the house while listening to Donna Summer. She recalls being fascinated by how music could stir all kinds of emotions. Dance music became an escape from the neighborhood bullies for young Dina. Then, as a teen, she attended Manhattan’s High School of Performing Arts which led to Dina discovering a downtown nightlife that offered her an even larger sense of freedom. She underwent dozens of surgeries to become the buxom art form she is today, and alongside Amanda Lepore and Bianca Del Rio, whom Dina counts among her closest friends, she became a staple in the velvet rope scene.

As a trans artist, she is waging a fierce battle across many different fronts: the fight for proper healthcare, housing discrimination, education, and “the right to go to the damn bathroom.”

Her wish is that everyone in the LGBTQ community would come together.

Check out Dina’s INTERVIEW!

For more information about Dina, head to her Facebook page!



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