Hillary Clinton for President

Aug_2016_CoverPrimary season is over and candidates for President have been selected by each respective party — Hillary Clinton by the Democrats and Donald Trump by the Republicans. There has never been a more stark difference between two presidential candidates.

As we have witnessed time and time again, elections do matter. Unfortunately we discover this sad truth after many voters stay home and don’t go vote and the consequences of not voting begin to manifest in elected candidates that were not the best choice. The 2016 Presidential Election is no different and the choice is clear on who can best lead our country in the coming years — that candidate is Hillary Clinton.

Diversity Rules Magazine proudly endorses Hillary Clinton for President.  With Supreme Court appointments and its ideological balance in question, along with other issues important to all Americans, and especially to the queer community, Mrs. Clinton can represent us equally and place her focus on the greater good and the plight of common Americans.

Her stellar acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention clearly outlined her goals and aspirations and the glaring differences between herself and Donald Trump, who is mired in the past and focuses on divisiveness and turmoil and pitting groups against one another. Trump’s campaign is grounded in fear whereas, Clinton’s is one of hope and moving the country forward, working together to make America a more perfect union. While Diversity rules has endorsed Hillary Clinton, we understand others may not agree with the endorsement. However, what is most important is that you vote and vote your conscience!

Diversity Rules Magazine hopes your conscience leads you to cast your vote for Hillary Clinton .. for America’s sake!

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