June Feature:  Pride in 2019
Editor/Publisher Jim Koury Provides Insight

Editor/Publisher Jim Koury

Welcome to the June issue of Diversity Rules Magazine. It is pride season! I hope you are planning to attend a pride celebration near you, as they are an important and integral component of the fabric of queer life. It is that special time of year when queer folk and allies throughout the nation and the world come together to celebrate their individuality, and the diversity of our humanity.

More importantly, it is a time for us to remember those who put their lives on the line back in 1969, on that hot, summer night in NYC when a group of patrons at the Stonewall Inn rebelled against police persecution. They pushed back when the bar was once again raided by police, like so many times before, simply because it was a gay bar. We must keep the memory of those who stood their ground that night and said, “NO MORE.” Little did these brave patrons know that their action that night would reverberate around the world, and foster what would become the modern-day gay rights movement.

Instead of having a feature interview this month, I opted to write the main feature myself entitled, “Pride in 2019:  The times they are a-changin’.”  I thought it would be appropriate to explore pride and the accompanying celebrations, festivals, and other such events that characterize pride season, and how it has evolved through the years since the first pride parades occurring after the Stonewall Riots in June of 1969.  I hope it gets you thinking, and appreciating what pride really means, and remember those before us who dared to rebel and set the stage for our modern day movement.  We shall never forget their contributions and the contributions of those who came after them.

Happy pride month! Get to a pride near you and experience the power and energy of others of like mind. It is an amazing feeling.

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