January Feature: Happy New Year! (We Hope!)

Jim Koury

As we enter a New Year, I felt it was important to dedicate the main feature of the January issue to a personal reflection on the year that was … 2020. In all aspects, it was most certainly a very trying year. I would have to say THE most trying year of my life thus far.

As normally is the case, when the New Year 2020 dawned, we all had the usual hopes for the future, both personally, for the nation and the world, as well. As the year rolled on, it became very evident that 2020 was not to be a normal year in any respect of the word.

What will 2021 bring? Well, who the fuck knows, after the year we had! However, we can be sure of two things … Trump will be gone, as will COVID, with one departing much sooner than the other. January 20th will surely be a national day of celebration when the evil one departs and power is transferred to an adult once again. As for COVID, I am afraid that wretchedness will be with us for a bit longer, but the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen with 2 highly effective vaccines that will end this pandemic. Patience will be the keyword, but my patience, as well as that of millions of other Americans, has been greatly strained with our intense desire for life to return to what it once was before the pandemic.

The January feature has nothing to do really with queer issues or those related to profound changes in the way we perceive, acknowledge, and deal with persons different from us. I believe much of that will take care of itself with a new, more liberal Democratic Administration breathing new life into the American experiment after years of excoriatingly painful and discriminatory policies that have hurt millions of Americans.

This month’s feature is simply a personal reflection on the year that was, as well as my hopes for the coming year. Happy New Year, and I hope you all find a degree of peace in your hearts after one of the most wretched years in recent memory. Good riddance 2020!

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