September Feature: Queer Themed Reads

Jim Koury Editor/Publisher

Welcome to the September issue of Diversity Rules Magazine! It is pretty unbelievable that we are into the last quarter of the year already. Geez. Where is the time going? Quickly by, that’s where. But like last year, will we be sad to see it leave, given all that has happened with Covid? Probably not!

This month’s issue is a bit different. There is no feature interview or primary focus. I have self-published my second book called “Soul Journey.” I started thinking about others who may be in the same situation and who may be thinking, “I have published my book. Now what?” There is marketing and advertising and just a constant effort to publicize the fruit of our labor. It is a never-ending process. Publishing the book is the easy part!

September Cover

I thought it would be a great idea to focus on books written by my fellow queer authors or authors who have queer-themed books. I wanted to do something to help other authors out who deserve to have a bit more publicity given to them.

I must admit that I have not read the books featured in this issue. I just picked some interesting titles from a great Facebook group called “LGBTQ+ Writers and Readers.” There are some marvelous books there, and I certainly encourage you to check not only the ones highlighted in this month’s issue but also the many others at the group site.

The September issue also includes articles and columns from the regular contributors you have come to know and love. It also has some new features and articles of interest.

Click HERE to read about the featured books!