February Feature:
Empowering The Queer Within

James R. Koury

Welcome to the February issue of Diversity Rules Magazine. As usual, we are chugging right along, and the months continue to pass very quickly.

With this issue, I decided once again to write the main feature. I was compelled to express my thoughts on empowerment and how it relates to being queer. The title of this month’s feature is “Empowering Queer.” It focuses not only on LGBTQ individuals but on the broader focus, as well, in terms of empowering our queerness and embracing it, in order to help others move forward and embrace theirs.

Empowerment is one of those catchwords we hear a lot about now. We read and hear about it from many self-help gurus, and others, that we must empower ourselves to achieve great things, and to dig deep within ourselves to find out how. I hope you relate to my thoughts and like the piece. Your input is always welcome, and I encourage you to leave comments on the blog on the website.

This issue also includes the usual monthly columnists including Joey Amato, who takes us on a trip to beautiful Palm Springs, CA. Tony Guadagnino begins a new focus with his column related to gay athletes and how they have empowered others to believe in themselves and achieve great things. The first focus is Greg Louganis since the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be here before we know it. Lee Lynch provides her usual humorous bent on topics of the day, with this month’s column being an Amazon Trail Tabloid article. Fun, fun piece!  Additionally, there are some other cool and interesting features in this month’s issue.

As you can see the concept of empowerment is going to be a recurring theme in subsequent issues, as well. Stay tuned.

See you in March!

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