October Feature
Joe Biden For President!

James R. Koury Editor/Publisher

Welcome to the October issue of Diversity Rules Magazine. We are in the last quarter of what has turned out to be quite a fucked up year! Despite all the trials and tribulations, we as a nation have experienced due to COVID and the reprehensible man in the White House, I am confident that we have all had some important gratifying, empowering and hopeful moments happen to us this year.

If we all look deeply enough, we can find some heartwarming moments that created lasting memories so far this year, as well as things to be grateful for. I know some things I am grateful for are my health, the relatively good health of both my 90+-year-old parents, who are still with me, as of this writing, a relatively stress-free existence, despite some moments of self-created direness, along with a wonderfully hot, and sunny summer. I also got a lot of home projects done. So while our lives have been significantly altered this year due to this damn pandemic, we all carried on, and did the best we could, given the dire circumstances swirling around us.

In this last quarter of the year, we are now faced with what can be deemed as one of the most important elections of our lifetimes in just over 30 days from now. November 3rd is barreling toward us and it is hard to believe it is so close at hand. It is our opportunity to right the wrong that our nation committed in 2016 when we elected Donald J. Trump, who has turned out to be truly one, if not the most disgusting, and worst Presidents in the history of our nation. The man has brought nothing but chaos, grief, and turbulence to our nation and its people. He has destroyed once loyal and firm relationships with our allies while coddling up to two-bit dictators and others who opt for a more totalitarian method of running their countries. We have a wholly incompetent fraud at the helm that knows not what the hell he is doing. It is time that we say ENOUGH and cast him and his vile family from office, as well as his GOP minions who have ignored his atrocities against our humanity, and enabled and empowered him to wreak havoc on our great nation. He, along with those who enable him, have made a mockery of everything America represents. It is time to return America to the people and make it once again a nation that respects all its people despite their color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, and whatever other differences that make every one of us unique individuals.

I encourage you to vote early. I encourage you to mail in your ballots as soon as you get them if you have opted to vote by mail. I encourage you to get to your polling places throughout the nation and VOTE if you have decided to vote in person. Do not shirk your civic duty. We cannot afford to have people sitting home, thinking that others will vote the way they want to vote, so they do not have to. We need EVERYONE to vote because there is so much at stake this year. Our great nation cannot endure one more day of this foul man who sits in the White House, let alone 4 more years of his vindictive, misogynist, narcissistic fashion of governance, which was truly on display at the first Presidential Debate held on September 29th, where he embarrassed himself, and our nation in the eyes of a world that has become just as weary of this fool as we Americans have.

In light of the travesties and atrocities inflicted on our nation at the hands of Occupant Trump, we, therefore, need to elect Joe Biden as the 45th President of the United States on November 3rd. All our lives depend on it.

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