August Feature:  Unredacted
Unpublished Short Fiction Based on Personal Truth

Unredacted” is Jim Koury’s first literary endeavor. He is a seeker of personal truth. Through his book, his goal is to help others to overcome the stigma of their past and realize their own personal truths buried inside of themselves.

Unredacted” is a book about personal evolution into the person that is inherently buried deep inside us. It is also a stark and raw look at what people go through in the closet because of a society that is hell-bent on condemning and persecuting people for who they are, and for whom they love. By bringing these aspects of many individual’s hidden closeted life to light, it is the author’s hope that folks who read this book will have a better understanding of what one deals with in terms of their secret lives, and how they seek out sexual gratification, companionship, and just a support network within which to function, most times, in a non-accepting environment. If it can help someone understand and realize what life is like for someone else outside of their tidy, straight existences, and, as a result, look upon those who are different with a more empathetic perspective, then the book has served its purpose.

More importantly, this book is for those countless others who have experienced a lot of the same things detailed in “Unredacted,” and the associated emotional turmoil. If you can personally relate to what is in the book, then it is the author’s sincere hope that you can muster the courage to cast off your hidden past, and the fear that someone may find out about things you did. Thus helping you move forward with your life. If that is the result, it is worth every consequence of not remaining silent and embracing and evolving into all that is YOU!

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