September Feature:  Log Cabin Republicans
Traitors To The Cause

Welcome to the September issue of Diversity Rules Magazine. Summer is almost gone and sad to say that fall is around the corner. All in all, it has been a good summer and year so far, despite our horrid national political embarrassment that we have to endure each and every day. But hopefully, that will be gone soon enough.

Speaking of that, you will have noticed by now from the cover, that I decided to do another essay as the feature for the month. This month’s essay by yours truly is related to the recent endorsement of Donald Trump’s re-election by the Log Cabin Republicans. The gist of their endorsement was that he has fulfilled his commitment to the LGBTQ community. AAARRRRGGGGHHH. Really????

With such an asinine endorsement, I just could not let it go without focusing on the blatant traitorous action this organization’s endorsement is to the community I, and countless others, tirelessly work to protect, promote, and advance forward.

Log Cabin’s endorsement of this repulsive man is a slap in the face to our community. It is an embarrassment, and the organization must be relegated to irrelevance when it comes to advocacy for the LGBTQ community. With friends like Log Cabin, who needs enemies. I hope you take my reaction to their endorsement to heart, and write to them and express your disgust with their endorsement. Obviously, it most likely will not matter, as they clearly are lost in whatever deep, dark cavern they have their heads up inside of.

Keep up the fight! Continue to expose the vileness of the current administration and give Log Cabin a big one-finger salute!

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