Velvet Lounger Reviews “Lethal Care”

Thirteen years after the publication of “Fall Guy” Claire McNabb has come out with a final chapter in the story of Inspector Carol Ashton. Ably assisted by one of our most well-respected writers, editors and publishers, Katherine V Forrest, who edited many of the Carol Ashton series, this story slides seamlessly into place and brought back […]

“The Liberators Of Willow Run”

Noted reviewer Velvet Lounger provides an overview of  “The Liberators of Willow Run.” Some books are just important. Important to read, to feel, to remember. Some books remind us where we came from and how much we have gained. Some books can lift us up in a time of darkness and remind us […]

Velvet Lounger Reviews Rainbow Gap

Noted reviewer Velvet Lounger provides an overview of  noted author Lee Lynch’s new book entitled, “Rainbow Gap.” Sometimes it is hard to write a review because you can’t find the words, in this case, it’s hard to find words big enough to describe such an epic tale. Set in Florida in the 50’s […]