The Happy Hypersexual

Jason Armstrong

Jason Armstrong’s groundbreaking first book, Solosexual: Portrait of a Masturbator, went to #1 on Amazon Kindle upon its release in 2016 and was later released in Italian by publisher dR Edizioni. His writing has appeared in The Gay & Lesbian Review, Best Sex Writing of the Year (Cleis Press), DNA Magazine, and on DailyXtra and Kinkly. Jason lives in Toronto, Canada.

In The Happy Hypersexual, Jason Armstrong explores emerging sexual identities that shape his and other men’s’ worlds. With his trademark honesty and candor, Jason teaches us about pornosexuality, autosexuality, hypersexuality, and the chronically addicted masturbator and how they all fit into our new world condition. Nearly overnight, the COVID-19 lockdown impacted the men who identify with these decidedly-modern sexual labels in ways that could never have been anticipated. Join Jason as he puts a microscope on his own experience of the COVID-19 lockdown and how, in contrast to the tragedy of the pandemic, masturbators, and solosexuals with super-high libidos were liberated in ways that were once just an elusive fantasy.

The Happy Hypersexual can be purchased from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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  1. Jason! Why does that ring a bell with moi? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY …
    Look at those guns, will ya 😆
    HNY2021 ✌

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